La rentrée

September is a special time in France. Known as la rentrée, it's the post-vacation, back-to-school, back-to-work season after a summer of collective pause. The pace of life picks up again. Streets are reanimated. Shops put back their "come in, we're open" signs. People catch up with their friends and colleagues. Even France's literary world has a rentrée, marked by new book releases. It is a time of energy and new beginnings.

With that, we welcome you to the September issue of the Alliance Française de Karachi newsletter, Bonjour Karachi! As you usher in the month of September wherever you find yourself, we hope that the French concept of la rentrée galvanizes your resolve to grow your world, expand your experiences and learn new things. Need ideas? Sign up for a French class, hone your art chops in our Art Studio, go pro as a photographer with our photo diploma course, or come enjoy screenings of French films and documentaries every Tuesday evening. Whatever your project, we wish you bonne chance, and happy reading.