Study in France


Campus France Pakistan is a service by the French Embassy in Pakistan to provide information and resources about French universities to Pakistani students and education stakeholders. It works in close collaboration with Pakistani high schools and universities and French higher education institutions. The Campus France agency has a network made of 255 offices and branches in 124 countries driven by more than 500 people around the world.

Get help finding the right program for you in France, completing your applications, securing affordable housing, scholarships and funding, and getting settled in once you arrive in France for your studies. Learn more at the Campus France Pakistan website or send an email to schedule an appointment with a representative.

why choose France?

Year after year, students around the world rate Paris as one of the best cities for international students to live and study in. And the capital isn’t the only reason to go to France for higher education. Students from Pakistan study at top-ranked French universities including the Sorbonne University, Sciences Po, HEC Paris, University of Paris-Sud, University of Montpellier and more.

Here are just 3 of many reasons why you should consider studying in France.


affordable tuition

French public universities offer great value for money. Explore admission requirements, degrees awarded, and attractive tuition rates.


quality & access

France has 3,500 public and private institutions. The system as a whole offers excellent programs at all levels and in every discipline. More than 1,300 programs are taught in English!


research leader

The National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is the world’s leading research organization (Nature Index, 2015). 41% of the doctoral candidates in France are from outside France.