Meet our French professors

Learning a foreign language is a gift that keeps on giving. But it is a gift that demands grit, imagination, and energy. Between unpredictable rules (cue French conjugaison tables) and tricky pronunciations (just try saying chirurgie a few times without cramping your jaw), the joy of adding a new language to your life can sometimes leave us feeling lost if we don’t have a guide.

That’s where good teachers come in. A teacher can inspire you to learn a new language—beyond the grammar and the vocabulary—and help you see more than your life experiences and worldview. Language learning necessarily includes learning to appreciate other cultures, opening us up to conversations and relationships in another language that we didn’t have access to before.

Here at the Alliance, we’re lucky to have a fantastic team of French professors made up of both seasoned and native French speakers from France, Pakistan, and beyond, who teach with both patience and passion. Each has their own style and story. Get to know them beyond the classroom, from their favorite French dish to their top tips for language learning.

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Get to know our very own Leroy Johns, once a student of français at the Alliance and now our Director of Courses, resident foodie, and professor extraordinaire. Find out why our students love his French classes and what advice he has for language learners. Also, do you know that he can rap?


Get to know the formidable Ahlam Sehil whose high-energy teaching keeps us on our toes in French class! In addition to teaching French, Ahlam is also our Coordinator for Courses and—wait for it—the former boxing champion and vice champion of France. Check out her boxing lessons here at the Alliance.


Meet our resident polyglot and French professor, Akmal Abbasi.


Meet Fanny, one of our newest professors.


Meet the fabulous Farah!