The artist's take on "Face au Présent"

Have you seen our new mural? Last week, on 31 January 2019, concurrently with thousands of similar events around the world, the Alliance Française de Karachi celebrated the country’s first Night of Ideas. This fascinating international event, which first began in Paris, follows a new, thought-provoking theme each year, interpreting it through conferences, seminars, forums and round tables, screenings and artistic performances late into the night. This year’s theme was Face au Présent, or Facing the Present.

Here in Karachi, we hosted a dynamic program inviting the city’s artists and intellectuals to participate in a debate, a concert, film screenings, exhibits a well as a live graffiti on the theme.

Here’s what the man behind the graffiti, Obaid ur Rehman, a talented, self-taught 3D/anamorphic chalk artist and muralist, has to say about his work:

The theme/title of the mural is Face au Présent (Facing the Present). 

This mural was inspired by one of the works of great Leon Keer. 

This mural is about my city Karachi and the rapid urbanization that is taking place and making living in this city difficult with all the chaos, mismanagement and lawlessness around us.

The box represents the city. The box is almost full and yet things (buildings/structures/people) are being added to it without any concern for the order or organization which is creating a mess and chaos for people living within.

In the present, we need to raise the question on the rapid direction-less growth of our city for a better future.


Come check it out in person!