TEF and tef canada

About the exam: The TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français) is an international benchmark test that measures your level of knowledge and skills in French. It was created by the French Language Centre of the CCI Paris Ile-de- France. The TEF is conducted electronically (computer-based) or in print. No prior degree is required to sit the exam. The candidate must be 16 years and up. The TEF Canada is a version of the TEF which is an essential proof of French language proficiency level to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Structure: The TEF has 5 parts in total. There are 3 written tests (Reading Comprehension 60 min – 50 items – 300 points, Written Expression 60 min – 2 topics to complete – 450 points, Vocabulary and Structures 30 min – 40 items – 240 points) and 2 oral tests (Listening Comprehension 40 min – 60 items – 360 points and Oral Expression 15 min – 2 topics to complete – 450 points).


About the exam: The French Evaluation Test adapted for Quebec (TEFAQ) is the version of the TEF recognized by the Immigration Department of Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) of Quebec and is essential to perform an official immigration application. It aims to measure the level of knowledge and skills in French reading and listening as well as speaking and writing.

Structure: The TEFAQ is composed of compulsory oral tests and two optional tests of comprehension and written expression for candidates who wish to be assessed on their mastery of written French. Points earned during the optional written tests are a bonus and can increase the points already obtained by the candidates in the compulsory oral test.

Next exam date: 24 Nov 2018

Registrations open: 14 Sep 2018

Registration deadline: 15 Oct 2018


TEF Canada: Rs. 20,000
TEFAQ Compulsory (listening & speaking): Rs. 10,000
TEFAQ Optional (writing): Rs. 5,000
TEFAQ Optional (reading): Rs. 5,000

How to register: To register, please fill out the TEF form (also available at our reception) and submit your complete form to our reception along with the exam fees. Please note that we are unable to process registrations after the deadline. Good luck!