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No Filter: A “Life” Exhibition

“No Filter” showcases the work of top photographers and artists drawing attention to original images that translate through the eyes of the lenses showing off what the artist would perceive as a “celebration of life.”

Art is the single richest phenomenon that distinguishes different aspects of a culture. In recent times, art and photography have had a strong link where the photographer of a given picture has arrived at something more than merely a realistic rendering of the subject and has attempted to convey a personal impression, tell a story or relate a message.

An exhibition “celebrating life,” where artists and photographers will take you on a visual trip showing the beauty of life and how well it is presented in Pakistan.

The importance of defining life and what it ‘celebrates’ comes from the vision of the artist be it birth, water, Mother Nature, people or festivals.

Living and loving life and celebrating your existence comes with it’s imperfections. The ups and downs pale in significance of just ‘being alive’ and counting your blessings.

Celebrating companions in your life, be it your partner, your friend or your pet, life’s beauty is vast - from a captivating sunset to a mouth watering meal.

“No Filter” celebrates life.

Opens 15 November 2018 at 5:30 PM with performances

The exhibition will be on until 24 November 2018.

Later Event: November 17
Grand Serai Bazaar