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French courses

Registration is open all year long. Click here to know the exact day of the beginning of the upcoming course session. No extra fee for late registration until the week before the beginning of the session.

The Alliance française de Karachi, along with its pedagogical team, hope you will soon become one of its remarkable students.

French is the language of over 128 million of native and real speakers (includes 65 million French people, 72 million bilinguals). More than 200 million native and second language worldwide. French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Choose the course which suits you the most and join the institute to take pleasure in learning French language and its subtleties, thanks to a French as a Foreign Language qualified staff of French native and Pakistani teachers, a large cultural program to support your learning process, and the newest tools and books.

All our courses are based on the levels specified on the global used European Common Framework of Reference for Languages and are preparing the students to the certificates and diplomas linked to those levels : DELF/DALF, DFP, TEF/TCF, TCF-Q, TEFAQ.

The Alliance française de Karachi is the only authorized centre in Karachi to provide these examinations and its teachers are all certified examiners.

All our teachers participate several times a year in national and international training sessions in order to update their teaching techniques and to offer modern and efficient teaching methodology meant to satisfy the objectives of all the learners. In order to do so, they use the most modern tools and technology (audio, video, interactive white board, dedicated social network, most recent textbooks specifically imported, etc.). The pedagogy at AfK is action and communication based.

Your skills will be continuously evaluated during the course session and you will be granted a certificate for each level on condition that you pass the different competence tests (N.B. : if you choose the "Saturday course", you will have to successfully complete parts "a" and "b" of each level to be granted a certficate).

If you already studied French language at Alliance française de Karachi and if you interrupted your learning period for more than three months, or if you already learned French language in another Alliance or another institution, you will need to take a placement test in order to enter the level fitting the knowledge you already acquired.

Levels of the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages