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FFL.PAK label


The FFL.PAK label is the result of a quality-assurance approach initiated and conducted by the cooperation and cultural affairs section of the Embassy of France (SCAC), in collaboration with the Alliance Française network in Pakistan. By this process, the Embassy of France aims at the identification, recognition and promotion of the teachers who present the required guarantees of quality in the field of French as a Foreign Language (FFL) teaching.


The FFL.PAK label is set up to provide sustainable quality-oriented solutions to the ever-increasing demand for FFL teachers in Pakistan. The decision to carry out this measure was made after a quality audit conducted by the SCAC and the Alliance Française network.

Its objective is twofold:

  • First, the Embassy of France will support the FFL teachers in developing a personalized approach to their professional development. To this end, an annual training programme has been established at national level.
  • Second, by offering this quality benchmark, the Embassy of France also intends to help educational institutions in Pakistan to recruit FFL teachers qualified to provide modern and reliable FFL courses based on demand, context and students’ profile.

In the context of academic and professional mobility, the Embassy of France intends to make this label a major instrument for supporting the quality of FFL teaching in Pakistan. Therefore, it will promote the label-awarded teachers through the network of its partner educational institutions and Alliances Françaises.


The label is awarded on the basis of a standard which includes 4 components. All 4 units must be satisfied.

  • 1. Level of French: a minimum of 65% result in the DELF B2 exam is required (certificate less than 3 years old).
  • 2. Theoretical Unit: the completion of one of the two following programmes will be considered.
    DUFle : University Diploma for French as a Foreign Language (see bellow)
    PROFle : Official distance training programme of the CIEP (see bellow)
  • 3. Classroom practice: applicants must complete a training on Innovative classroom. Two sessions will be organized every year, in Karachi and in Lahore. This training aims to support and develop the effective use of information and communication technologies in education. French specialists will come to Pakistan to share their expertise.
  • 4. DELF examiner/scorer certification: a valid certification for the examination of DELF exams A1 and A2 is required. The Embassy of France and the Alliances Françaises will conduct several training sessions in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.


The target public: All FFL teachers in Pakistan, regardless of professional and educational background. The label is also aimed at all French speakers who have the ambition to start a career in the field of FFL teaching.

The awarding of the label: The label is awarded for a 3-year period by the cooperation and cultural affairs section of the Embassy of France.


  • 1. Applicants must register and fill an application form at the Alliance Française of their choice (ISL, KHI, LHR). Download registration form
    PDF - 98.1 kb
  • 2. They will be informed and invited to the different training sessions.
  • 3. Once all 4 mandatory units and training modules are satisfied, the applicant must submit a file with all required certifications to the Alliance Française.

The label will be awarded after approval by the cooperation and cultural affairs section of the Embassy of France.

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