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Tuesday 7 March 
iné-Club 7, 14 & 28 March
French Cinema


7, 14, 28 March
with the support of IFCinéma, Institut Français

Tuesday 7 March - 6:30 pm

DES HOMMES ET DES FEMMES by Frédérique Bedos

2015, 1H55MN, Documentary, English subtitles
To celebrate the Woman’s Day
In a speech to the UN, Ban Ki Moon, explains that if the Millennium Goals are not achieved, it is because women’s rights are receding all over the world. Frédérique Bedos then leaves on the roads of the whole world to collect testimonies and facts.
Tuesday 14 March

LES MALHEURS DE SOPHIE (Sophie’s misfortunes) by Christophe Honoré

2015, 1h45min, Comedy, English subtitles
Since her castle, the little Sophie can not resist the temptation of the forbidden and what she loves most is to do stupid things with her cousin Paul. When her parents decide to join America, Sophie is delighted. A year later, she is back in France with her horrible stepmother, Mrs. Fichini. But Sophie is going to count on the help of her two friends, the little girls and their mother, Madame de Fleurville to escape the clutches of that woman.
Tuesday 28 March

38 TÉMOINS (38 witnesses) by Lucas Belvaux

2011, 1h44min, Drama, English subtitles
"38 témoins" aka "38 witnesses" is an adaptation from David Decoin’s 2009 Novel entitles "Est-ce ainsi que les femmes meurent" (Do women die like this?). The Novel as the film was inspired by a true crime story that occurred in 1964 in Queens New York where a local woman was stabbed, sexually assaulted and murdered in public as her neighbors ignored her cries for help.

The film from director Lucas Belvaux focuses on one couple played by Ivan Attal (Pierre Morvand) and Sophie Quinton as his wife Louise who is coming back from a trip in China and understands that a young woman was murdered in the street she lives in. At the time of the crime her husband Pierre was working late and so wasn’t home when the crime occurred…so he says… But the police and a journalist (Nicole Garcia) are investigating. One of the witnesses is having a different version than the 37 others. One of the witnesses can’t look anymore into his wife’s eyes. One of the witnesses has caught a terrible disease: Guilt.