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Friday 20 January 
Alliance française - 5:00 pm
Animation movie

Couleur de peau : miel (Skin Color: Honey)
by Jung Sik-jun & Laurent Boileau

2011,1h15min, animation, English Subtitles

Friday 20th January
5:00 pm - Conference Hall

Jung, a 42 years old cartoonist according to his civil status, prefers to place his birth at the age of 5, when a policeman found him wandering alone on the streets of Seoul. He is one of those 200 000 adopted Koreans spread around the world. Jung decided to return, for the first time, in South Korea, in order to breath the air of his home country, tread the land of his ancestors, and maybe find traces of his biological mother.

Adapted from the graphic novel “Skin color: Honey”, this animation movie looks back at some key moments in the life of Jung.

With the support of IFCinéma, French Institut