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Saturday 3 December 2016 
Alliance française - Goethe Institut
French/German Cultural Cooperation

3rd - 10th December 2016

Girl Power in Karachi is aimed at youth and especially girls, to give them a space to express their aspirations, creativity and talents through movement and sports. The megacity of Karachi has a lack of locations and opportunities in sports and culture for the younger generation that is the majority of the population.

The project consists in workshops boxing and dance (especially for girls), plus a DJ as a closing event.

Female dancers and boxers have been invited from France and Germany by Alliance Française de Karachi and Goethe-Institut to share their passion for dance and sport with the Karachi girls from the 1st until the 10th of December.

Those days will be intense moments of exchanges and meetings between girls from the three countries.

1) BOXING: They are a few boxing clubs in Karachi which are offering trainings for women and those initiatives participate in the emancipation of girls and women, in sport and in social life. By inviting female French boxers and a French coach, we will organize workshops and trainings in the city. This may create ties between Pakistani and French clubs.

Boxing Club of Garges-Les-Gonesses

2) URBAN AND CONTEMPORARY DANCE: There is a lack of suitable locations for training and performing, and even more for girls. Three dance trainers from Germany are invited to conduct workshops. Urban dance like "krumping" and other dance styles may help to empower girls, strengthen self-confidence and foster the possibility to discover their own capabilities. During three days, around 120 girls can participate in the workshops.

Boxing-club of Rezé

3) FINAL EVENT: All participants will be invited to the final event, Saturday 10 December at Alliance Française de Karachi. They will perform what they learnt from the workshops (dance and boxing) and enjoy the DJ with the audience.

With the support of The project is funded by the French-German Cultural Fund that was established by the Foreign Ministries of France and Germany.