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Thursday 1 December 2016 
Alliance française - 8:00 pm
Live Music



Chahrazed Mahia alias Sacha Carmen or Sherazade, was born in Moscow to a Russian mother and an Algerian father.

In Algeria, where she moved with her family and finished her studies, she seeks musical complicity, learned to play on guitar, formed a band and then another. Influenced by various artists such as Fayrouz, Dazkarieh, Amy Winehouse, Anouk, Yani, Janis Joplin sings on stage Annaba, Algiers, Oran, at festivals ....

She created and led a chant and vocal coaching workshop "For the love of the stage" in which she accompanies young amateur singers ... In short, when it comes to music, Sherazade never stops!

She sings, sings, composes, writes ... and meeting musicians LavionRose she seduced! A new stage begins with a recording work at the French Institute of Annaba with mixing and mastering in France. Then she starts touring and concerts under the auspices of Production Agreement.


LavionRose is a dash of rock French song flirting with gypsies and a touch of jazz on the way with piano, violin, accordion, bass and drums. Pure energy!! Four musicians offer us an intense yet subtle concert, rich and melodious. Four minstrels, true stage artists open their music to us, and with it comes a kaleidoscope of emotions. Travelling musicians for concerts in France but also Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, in the opening of the Euro Fanzone 2012 with a crowd of 10 000.

  • LavionRose with
    Sébastien Duval bass
    Jean Eudes Solignac Lecomte drums
    Manuel Decocq violin and accordion
    Jean Claude Meurisse piano and lyrics

Venue: Courtyard of the Alliance française de Karachi
Date: December 1st, 2016
Time: 8:00 pm sharp
Tickets: Rs. 400 available at Alliance française (Frontfesk)
Free for AfK Students and Members