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Tuesday 29 November 2016 
Alliance française - 8:00 pm
Mime & Pantomime


Mime & Pantomime
Tuesday 29th November - 8:00 pm (Art Gallery)

The proposed show was presented recently in France in several drama centers and stages including South Korea, in many African countries and in India. It consists of a sequence of 8 numbers which are linked with each other for about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The character is arrogant, imbued with himself, unsuspecting, so ridiculous, sometimes pathetic and often miserable...
Obviously his actions often provoke laughter.

  • The birth
    And if the one who is born did not want the ...
  • The sculptor
    An artist works on a block of stone so hard that he eventually only have a small ridiculous piece.
  • Le Jardin Public (The public Garden)
    The characters that can be encountered in a jardin public (the statue, lovers, the priest, the ice cream parlor, the balloon seller, the walker and his dog ...)
  • The circus
    The weightlifter, the magician, the sword swallower and tightrope walker succeed in this circus where nothing works well.
  • Seed
    Plant a seed and wait for the tree to grow, then cut the tree and harvest the seeds and everything continues ...
  • A society evening
    Being invited to this type of event need to be well-mannered and courteous, otherwise ...
  • The mask maker
    An artist tries the masks he makes on his face; but one of them will stick to his skin ...
  • Prom
    A dancer struggling with the size of its partners
  • Reminder: The musician
    When the concert degenerates ...

Laurent Decol has completed over 2.000 performances and workshops in nearly 100 countries.

He was privileged to be the student of Marcel Marceau of worldwide fame (New York City has declared 18 March "Marcel Marceau Day" and Mickael Jackson has admited using some of Marceau’s techniques in his own dance steps !).

He graduated from both Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama and the Institute for Researching the Actor in Holstebro (Denmark).

He was then Professor at the Marcel Marceau Paris International School of Mimodrama. He is also an actor and is Director of a Theatre company.

In the language of gesture and mime the mono-performance "Words of Silence" is a reflection on twelve of the existential human issues such as love, life and creativity. Since no speech is involved, communication is universal.

This is a unique opportunity for both adults and children to experience the magic of a world-class mime show.

International press

  • “Mime is an art which requires skill and talent and Decol, for having had his audience riveted, was probably drained completely of energy and emotions by the end of the evening...” (The Hindu, 27/01/2011)
  • “He is the worthy successor to Charles Chaplin, Marcel Marceau or Buster Keaton. (…) An incredibly talented artist that makes us smile and moves us to laughter and tears. “ (The New York Times, 12/12/2010)