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Wednesday 13 July 2016 
Alliance française - 7:30 pm
Concert: French songs

For the first time in Karachi

Enjoy some offbeat and poetic French songs with a playful and charming duo
Jean-Claude Meurisse : piano, vocals
Elodie Saint: vocals

In a unique concert on July 13th, 7:30 pm
Alliance française de Karachi
Free entrance

Debaduo is an endearing and joyful duo, who plays with emotion and hits the imaginary.
Two twin voices and a piano, for a poetic journey to the origins, a journey full of nuanced oppositions: man, woman, black, white, humor, groove and poetry.
Elodie Saint is obviously the granddaughter of Mary Poppins, while Jean-Claude Meurisse certainly received a keyboard from Rhoda Scott in his childhood.
With their similar path, it is as if they were destined to meet. The two have traveled international routes Elodie as a chorister, Jean-Claude as a solo. They both have a lot of stage experience and define themselves by their dynamism, optimism and their tendency ... a little crazy!
A fresh and explosive cocktail, with original compositions, sometimes iconoclastic: two globetrotters for French songs with an international twist.

Do not hesitate to taste their talent through this link: Accord-production
…And meet them at the Alliance Française for an exceptional performance!

Debaduo” is:

  • Jean-Claude Meurisse, piano, vocals. After some progressive rock groups, music education Jean-Claude turns author, composer, performer and especially pianist and singer. He is soon spotted for his energy on stage, his humor, his sense of melody and begins to travel the world, from Avignon to Reims through Nashville, Cuba, Madagascar or China. He has not stopped ever since.
  • Elodie Saint, vocals. Elodie is a multitalented musician. She is a singer, a bass player and a dancer, who has done, and still does conceive and realize musical workshops for children.

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