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Saturday 27 February 2016 
AfK - Art Gallery- 6:00 pm
Pakistani Movies & Dance

Life is a Dance
The Lost Art of Dance in Pakistani Cinema
Another journey through Guddu Khan’s private archives

February 27 – March 5
Alliance Française of Karachi, Art Gallery
Opening: Saturday 27th February - 6.00 pm
in the presence and with an exclusive performance of Zareen Panna

Once again, Alliance Française of Karachi, Chalte Purzay Films and Guddu Khan get together to tread the memory lane of Pakistani cinema. After the presentation of its golden age last year, this time it is all about facing the camera in movement and with rhythm.

Throughout all these love stories that were told along the legendary decades of Lollywood glory, a unique passion was at work: in black and white or in color, this romance thrilled the audience every time, lled it with great emotions again and again.

Today we’re celebrating this passionate couple: Dance and Pakistani cinema.

The opening will be celebrated with the presence and exclusive performance of the legendary Zareen Panna.

Zareen Panna - Zareen Panna is an eminent Pakistani kathak dancer and veteran film artist. She was born in Shimla, India and emigrated at a young age. Panna Begum has been performing since she was 12 and has some 50 movies to her credit, including hits like Baji, Nila Parbat, Gulfam, Bazigar and Haveli to name a few.

Guddu Khan - Since he was 9, Zahid “Guddu” Khan has avidly collected everything related to the Pakistani cinema’s golden age: brochures, posters, photographs, postcards, audio and video - Tens of thousands of treasures, testimonies of a bygone era, all accumulated in his small apartment, or is it a museum?

Chalte Purzay Films - has been documenting Guddu’s Journey for the past few years, in collaboration with the Scottish Documentary Institute.

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