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Saturday 20 February 2016 
Alliance française
Live Music - Gypsy and Swing Jazz

On the occasion of Fund Raising Gala Dinner 2016
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La Bande à André will give a concert
at Alliance Française de Karachi, Saturday 20th February

Samuel Gallienne, Guitar
Kevin Gervais, Bass
Alex Deschamps, Guitar and song

Since more than ten years Sam Gallienne and Alex Deschamps are sharing the stage. After their first meeting in the offices of Jazz a Tours school, the Duo from Angers decided to form a band based on Gypsy and Swing Jazz repertoire: Spanouche’.

For two years they appeared in small concert halls of the western region of France around the music of Django and other pioneers of Swing.

Gradually the repertoire and atmosphere of the band took shape, giving a more prominent place to the text and song. They brought out their first album of swing songs in 2005 “an afternoon in 2 HP”. They performed everywhere in France between 2005 and 2010, sometimes sharing the stage with Bireli Lagrene, Sylvain Luc or Alain Bashung and Titi Robin. In 2010, the band from Angers stopped performing, leaving each one of the group to prepare his new musical projects.

The same year they put in place an original project Paname “if we sang” in partnership with the network of Alliance Française.

Combining pedagogy, music, francophony and plural arts, this project is aimed at creating an album of French songs whose texts are written and played by the language learners of Alliance Française. To carry out this project, Sam and Alex have put together a team of musicians, pedagogues and technicians, who are also from Angers: Studio Nomad.

In 2011 and 2012, in partnership with the Alliance Française network of China, they created two original albums “unknown land” and “if we sang”, and gave concerts of cover versions of well-known French songs.

In the spring of 2014, the Alliance Francaise of Karachi and Lahore in their turn received “Studio Nomad” where it created its latest work “ Lalala ”.

A total of 15000 albums will be printed and distributed by the participating Alliance Française.

SAMUEL GALLIENNE – Guitarist, backup singer

Inspired by Django’s and Latin music, rocking since long to the sound of English guitar, Sam is a surprising guitarist-composer. He has been making felt his presence in many Angers-based bands. He set up a gypsy Jazz quartet named Pomp Fiction in 2009, and then in 2012 he formed the pop-folk band Cherry Plum with Sebastien Chevillard. In 2014, he joined the swing band Little Boxong.

ALEXANDRE DESCHAMPS – singer/guitarist

Alex has been appearing on stage since he was ten years old. He has it in his blood. Singer, musician, he’s in everything. Living in Paris since the last 8 years, he is also comedian, singer-songwriter. He works as singer for La Boitazik and has appeared on stage more than 200 times for the children’s performances of this theatre company. He is also a tenured singer of the variety orchestra OkFred with who he is on the roads since 2010. He also works as music composer like he did for OnlyMusic. In September 2014, he launched a new solo project The hazards of Alex for whom he is co-songwriter with the author Kosta. His cover versions of old songs consist of around hundred numbers, from jazzy ballads to pop and rock hits.

KEVIN GERVAIS – Bass/double bass

He started playing electric bass at the age of 13 and became a professional when he was 18 years old, after his apprenticeship in musical schools such as Jazz a tours and CIM. He started his career in variety performances in which he had the opportunity of accompanying various artists: P. Bachelet, Dave, Boney M and Imagination in prestigious venues like Stade de France, Pavillon Baltard and many others. He was bass and double-bass player with Spanouch’ from 2006 to 2019. Since 2009, Kevin is basically turned towards Jazz. He has played in various bands and played in Jazz sur Erdre, Swing 41 festival, Jazz du Meslay du Maine.

In 2010 he established himself in Paris where musical encounters brought him to play with N. Rousserie, M. Lesseyeux, B. Bellemin, E. Barret, B. Lao, N. Thomas, L. Masson, I. Carpentier in different Parisian clubs.

He participates in various projects of Studio Nomad in France as bass and double-bass player. He has played in the first two works of the band.

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