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Thursday 18 February 2016 
AfK - Art Gallery- 7:00 pm
Drawing & painting exhibition

Solo Exhibition by PETER BOVÉ


Opening : Thursday 18th February - 7:00 pm

New York-born French-Italian artist Peter Bové is a naturally prolific creator from whom work spills out with incredible frequency and range. A poet and fine artist from an early age, he is also a musician and composer, a novelist, a screenwriter, filmmaker, actor and performer – as well as philosopher, astronomer and carpenter.

He began his career studying fine art at The New School in New York City where he delved into other art forms, eventually exploring performance art, theater and film.

Peter Bové - Swimming Muse

This voyage of discovery led to a long and successful career in entertainment and commercial video media, although it never diminished his passion for painting and drawing or the written word. Over the years, he has continued to produce written and artistic pieces which he is now working to bring into the public eye. Foremost are an electrifying epic folk blues opera about one man’s divine calling to help save humanity from itself, a documentary on the peyote ceremony of the current day Native American Church, an autobiographical novel, a compilation of his poetry – and this exhibit displaying just a few of the hundreds of paintings and drawings which have amassed over his career.

Peter Bové - Cat with Flying Dancers

Mr. Bové has always been motivated and inspired by love and faith in opposition to the misery and corrupted ideals of the world we live in. This underlying theme is reflected throughout all of his compositions, and the resolution of this conflict continues to be the beacon that guides his artistic journey. His paintings and drawings are immediate and from the heart. They draw the viewer into his world, where disorder and uncertainty are uniquely visualized and processed with a duality of ease and complexity.

Peter Bové - Blood Moon

Mr. Bové currently lives in Dallas, Texas, on a hill, where he can get a good view of the stars and bring them down to earth with paper, canvas, paint and the mighty pen.

He can be reached at