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Saturday 21 November 2015 
Alliance française
Live Concert

This concert is cancelled due to the terrorist attacks in Paris
13 November 2015

Saturday 21st November – 8:30 pm
(Venue: AfK - Entrance Rs. 1 000)

with the support of Embassy of France & Qatar Airways

SWINOUCH TRIO : Can be consumed any time. Ingredients for 1 to … persons : two guitars & one double bass :

  • 1. Take two guitarists with totally different career trajectories. For example, one Sylvestre ETIENNE, "Jack of all trades» of the six-strings, jazz and rock lover, etc…, and a Thierry DURIEUX, trained in classical music.
    Attention ! One condition : the 2 guitarists should not be gypsies .
  • 2. Prepare a marinade with Django REINHARDT and Stéphane GRAPELLI music, the magnificent sound of Stochelo ROSENBERG and his trio, the creative genius of Bireli LAGRENE, the sensibility of the violon of Florin NICULESCU, the energy of MORENO, Tchavolo SCHMITT’s phrase, the LATCHO DROM group, etc… Dip the two instrumentists in it.
  • 3. Let simmer over low heat while watching the fingers of our musicians. They will soon start quivering before the freshness, the spontaneouness and the cheerfulness of this music. Bring to the boiling point.
  • 4. Then, add a dose of double bass, be sure to add a musician, he also complete stranger to gypsy style. For example a Luc MAS, master of low notes, specialist of the "groove".
  • 5. Select themes from the swing repertoire of 1930-1940.
  • 6. Set up the stage.

  • Tickets available @ AfK-FrontDesk
    Phone : (021) 3587 34 02 / 3586 28 64