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CHANTE TON BAC D’ABORD (We Did It on a Song)

Friday 27 November 2015 
AfK - Conference Hall - 7:00 pm
The Month of Documentary Film

  • Friday 27th November – 7:00 pm

  • CHANTE TON BAC D’ABORD (We Did It on a Song)
    by David André
    2014, 82 min, English subtitles (IF cinéma)

Documentarian David André follows the lives of five teenagers from depressed Boulogne-sur-Mer throughout their final year at school, with the life-determining "baccalauréat" exams looming large on the June calendar. With almost no job prospects in their hometown, they all face uncertain futures that will invariably demand that they abandon the only community they’ve ever known.

These kids’ lives, dreams and ambitions are captured in poetic visuals, in songs that the teenagers themselves provide, and in a captivating mélange of anger, humour, frustration and boredom. The documentary becomes a socioeconomically attuned musical that captures the fallout of the economic downturn.

We Did It on a Song deserves extra credit for trying to pull off something new… In the end, André orchestrates a moving portrait of several youngsters who define themselves by their acts (in all senses of the term), rather than by where they come from.”—Jordan Mintzer, Hollywood Reporter

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