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RESPIRE (Breathe)

Tuesday 25 August 2015 
AfK - Conference Hall - 6:30 pm
French Cinema / French Women filmmakers, the second wave

Tuesday 25 August – 6:30 pm
RESPIRE (Breathe) by Mélanie Laurent
2013 - 1h31min - Comédie dramatique (English subtitles)
With IFCinéma – Institut Français

The arrival of Sarah in the high school class turns upside down the life of the 17-years old Charlie. She breaks-off from her former best friend, Victoria, and submits, without gauging the risks involved, to the all pervasive influence of the bold Sarah. The later, aware of her power over her, misuses it. Fascinated as she is by her, Charlie does not understand the change in Sarah’s attitude and takes it lying down. She thinks that their friendship will prevail over everything else. Her friends are unable to understand why she lets herself be manipulated. They are all the more worried because Charlie has anxiety attacks during which she cannot breathe.