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Monday 15 June 2015 
AfK - Conference Hall - 7:00 pm

Desi Writers Lounge with Alliance française de Karachi present

Book launch of Afzal Ahmed Syed’s poetry collection
’Rococo and Other Worlds’
translated from Urdu by the author, Musharraf Ali Farooqi

Monday 15th June 2015 - 7:00 pm
With Afzal Ahmed Syed
& Asif Farrukhi (Moderator)


Afzal Ahmed Syed (born 1946, Ghazipur) holds a unique place among contemporary poets of the Urdu language. He is an acknowledged master of both classical and modern Urdu poetic expression and a leading proponent of linguistic experimentation. He has published three collections of the modern nazm genre, titled Chheni Hoi Tareekh (An Arrogated Past, 1984), Do Zubanon Mein Saza-e Maut (Death Sentence in Two Languages, 1990), and Rococo Aur Doosri Duniyaen (Rococo and Other Worlds, 2000). He has also published a ghazal collection, Khaima-e Siyah (The Dark Pavilion, 1988).

Rococo and the Other Worlds was first published in Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s translation by the Wesleyan University Press Poetry Series in 2010.

Afzal Ahmed Syed is also known for his acclaimed translation of Mir Taqi Mir’s Farsi divan, its first translation into Urdu. He is currently working on a selection of Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil’s divan for translation into Urdu. He has widely translated from Eastern European poetry, and also translated Jean Genet’s Les Bonnes (The Maids).


Fiction-writer, critic and translator, Asif Farrukhi was born in Karachi. A public health physician by training, he was educated at the Dow Medical College, Karachi and the Harvard University, USA. Known for short stories and essays, seven collections of his short fiction and two collections of critical essays have been published. He has published translations of prose and poetry from contemporary writers.

Asif Farrukhi contributes regularly to the English-language press. Two of his adaptations have been staged in Karachi. He is the editor of Duniyazad, a literary journal of new writing and contemporary issues in Urdu.

Asif Farrukhi has presented papers and participated in literary events at home as well as abroad. He is a founder member of the Karachi Literary Festival. For his distinguished work, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Literary Award by the Pakistan Academy of Letters in 1997 and the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan. He is associated with the School of Arts and Humanities at the Habib University, Karachi.

Asif Farrukhi lives and writes in Karachi.