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Samedi 23 mai 2015 
AfK - Conference Hall - 7:00 pm

2nd Lecture of Dr. Wasi Batley at AFK
to be held on Saturday 23rd May at 7 pm

The first lecture of this series was held last month and was well attended by teachers, parents and caretakers of children. Other than questions about smaller children, a lot questions were asked by parents about teenagers, older children and even new borns’, which could not be covered in the first lecture. Since it needed to be discussed in greater detail, a full session is being dedicated on Saturday, the 23rd of May, 2015.

Some questions was about older children in teens and those in the twenties, who were refusing to listen to their parents. A parent asked : "My son is 16 years old and ignores me. He does not do what I ask him to do. I do not know what he is doing in or after school, and what he wants to do in life. We live like strangers in the same house. " Dr Wasi has studied such cases in detail, and has identified causes as to how things start going wrong ; where, when and why. What are the danger signs and when to take action. Time tested very effective strategies of Dr. Wasi will be discussed and easy to implements methods will be revealed to bring the rebelled teenagers back into the fold of parents.

Second major concern of some parents i.e. working mothers, was whether they could leave their newborns and small children with babysitters and relatives when they went to work. A parent asked : " Can I leave my newborn, infant and toddler at home and go to work ? Are there any risks or adverse effects if I leave them with reliable caretakers or grand parents ? I come back and give them quality time ". What precautions should be addressed while leaving children with care givers and babysitters. Scientific concepts of BONDING, IMPRINTING and evidence from scientific experiments and their implications in adulthood will be discussed with advice for proper caring and upbringing including the effects of INTERNALIZATION. Impact of verbal and nonverbal communication, is there a need for cuddling and can spending quality time with children compensate for the absence of parents most of the day. Practical points, real life situations and some interesting cases will be discussed.

Dr. Wasi Batley is a medical doctor. His entire career of 32 years has been in the Clinical and Academic field. He has been associated with the Mc Master University of Canada’s BSCN Program and the Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) Department at the Aga Khan University. He was the Head of the Workshops Deptt at the National Teacher Training Center of the World Health Organization (WHO) at the College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan ; where he organized and conducted workshops to train postgraduate medical students for medical specialization and for professors to supervise postgraduate training of doctors. He was also the Asst Controller of Examinations at the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan where he conducted specialization examinations for post graduation in medicine and surgery. He has taught in the Liaquat National Postgraduate Medical Center for ten years and has been the Examiner for Karachi University.

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