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L’AILE OU LA CUISSE (The Wing or the Thigh)

Monday 4 May 2015 
AfK - conference hall - 7.00 pm
French Cuisine

  • Directed by Claude Zidi
    Starring : Louis de Funès, Coluche, Julien Guiomar
    France, 1976, 104 minutes, French with English sb
  • Tuesday 4 May - 7:00 pm - Conference Hall


Charles Duchemin (Louis de Funès), a well-known gourmet and publisher of a famous restaurant guide, is waging a war against fast food entrepreneur Tricatel (Julien Guiomar) to save the French art of cooking. After having agreed to appear on a talk show to show his skills in naming food and wine by taste, he is confronted with two disasters: his son (Coluche) wants to become a clown rather than a restaurant tester and he, the famous Charles Duchemin, has lost his taste! This movie is an allegory of the antagonism between USA and French food cultures as they were seen by French people in the 70s, and might still be seen.