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Monday 22 December 2014 
Library - 6.30 pm
Literature - Poetry

  • Monday 22 December - 6.30 pm - Library
  • Discussion: Sindhi Poetry on the assassination of Benazir (December 27, seventh anniversary of her assassination).
    Poetry as an instantaneous expression of collective grief.
    With Dr. Suleman Shaikh, Secretary Board of Trustees, SZABIST

BENAZIR BHUTTO (1953-2007)

Poetry permeates Sindh, whether under the form of Sufi verses (most Sufi masters were poets), or under the form of folktales that were invariably put in verse. The assassination of Benazir profoundly affected the entire country and the province of Sindh in particular. Poetic tributes to Benazir flooded the Sindhi literary magazines. What better way can there be to measure the impact of the martyrdom of Benazir in Sindh than browsing through the poetic tributes that were paid to her?