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PARVEEN SHAKIR (1952-1994)

Monday 12 January 2015 
Library - 6.30 pm
Literature - Poetry

  • Monday 12 January - 6.30 pm - Conference Room
  • Discussion: “Revolted Women”.
    With: Ms Ambreen Haseeb Amber, writer and editor of the journal "Asaleeb"
    Presided over by Mr. Sahar Ansari, Chairman Literary Committee, Pakistan Arts Council and ex-Head of Urdu department, University of Karachi

Persons desirous of attending the literary salon are requested to register by phone ((021) 3587 34 02 / 3586 28 64) or email ( or in person at the front desk of Alliance française.

Parveen Shakir (1952-1994)

Parveen Shakir was born on November 24, 1952 in Karachi. Her first book "Khusbou" (Perfume) was published in 1977. Her second collection, "Sad barg" (One Hundred Leaves) was published in 1980, followed by "Khud Kalami" (Monologue) in 1985. Her last collection "Inkar" was published in 1990 and her complete works, "All the Moons", shortly before her death in 1994. She died in a traffic accident in Islamabad on December 26, 1994.