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ZESHAN SAHIL (1961-2008)

Monday 17 November 2014 
Library - 5.00 pm
Literature - Poetry

"Salon littéraire" or "Adabi Nashist" is a new program of Alliance française to highlight in each of the sittings the works of a leading Pakistani or French writer, poet or playwright. The initial 4 sittings will be devoted to leading modern Pakistani poets.

The first sitting of this program will be held on Monday 17 November 2014. It will be dedicated to the poet Zeshan Sahil. On this occasion, Mr. Ajmal Kamal, editor of the magazine ’A’aj’ will speak on the poetry of Zeshan Sahil followed by Mr. Abid Raza, brother of Zeshan Sahil, who will shed light on the life and family background of Zeshan Sahil. At the end a discussion will be held on the theme of "to live with urban violence, to be a witness and a chronicler".

  • Monday 17th November - 5.00 pm - Library
  • Discussion: “To live with urban violence, to be a witness and a chronicler”.
    With Mr. Ajmal Kamal, literary critic and editor of the magazine ’A’aj’ and Mr. Abid Raza, brother of Zeshan Sahil

    Persons desirous of attending the literary salon are requested to register by phone ((021) 3587 34 02 / 3586 28 64) or email ( or in person at the front desk of Alliance française.

Zeshan Sahil (1961-2008)

Zeshan Sahil was born in 1961 in Hyderabad, Sindh province. His full name was Syed Zeshan Hyder Rizvi. After having become a poet, he chose Sahil as his pen name and signed Zeshan Sahil. Zeshan Sahil died at 47, in 2008, bequeathing us eight books of poetry.

His first collection of poems, "Arena", was published in 1985 and the second, "Chiryon ka Shor" (Din of Birds) in 1989. They were followed by "Kohr-alood Aasman ke Sitare" (The stars of the sky clouded,1994), "Karachi aur Doosri Nazmain" (Karachi and other Poems,1995), "E-mail" (2002), "Shab Nama" (Night book, 2002),"Jang ke Dinon Mein"(Days of War,2003), and "Neem Tareek-Muhabbat" (The mid-dark love,2005).