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28 October - book launch / conference - MICHEL BOIVIN : ’ARTEFACTS OF DEVOTION’

In this book, Michel Boivin, who has devoted much of his time to the study of Sindh, takes his readers to Sehwan Sharif’s shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, one of the Sufi icons of Sindh.

Shahbaz Qalandar, of Persian Asian descent, is described as one of the unconventional qalandars who was accepted as ‘one of the sons of Sindh’.

Through the four main chapters and the Excursus, the reader is introduced to the description, history and significance of each aspect of the artefacts and of the shrines in the Indus region, mainly Sindh.

The book is supported by a comprehensive glossary, a list of illustrations, bibliography and an index.

Dr Michel Boivin holds a Ph. D. in Oriental Languages, Societies and Civilisations from Sorbonne University, Paris (France). Trained in Contemporary history and in Islamic Studies, he is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for South Asian Studies (EHESSS-CNRS), Paris. He also teaches Contemporary History of South Asia at the University of Lyon. Dr Boivin is also heading an international and interdisciplinary study group on Sindh. The ongoing project is a programme devoted to Sehwan Sharif, the city where the Sufi saint Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is buried. His previous book, co edited with Matt Cook, has been released by OUP under the title Interpreting the Sindhi World: Essays on Culture and History (Karachi, OUP, 2010).

28 October at 6.30 pm at AfK